Our Story

It was a cold, rainy, windy day in the North of England, and two brothers were chatting about what their lives would be like in 10 years. They both knew that they had no clue.

Many years later, once they had entered the professional world, they realised that there are too many faceless corporations over-charging unsuspecting clients in so many industries. With the skills they had developed, they thought that, in the field of web design and social media, they could make a difference. They could provide a service based on what the client wants, not what they would prefer to be doing.

Thus, Henderson Brothers Design was born. A way of providing a flexible solution to small businesses that need a modern and up to date web presence, at a reasonable cost, with no extra hidden fees.

John Henderson

An eye for detail, a problem solver, and creative thinker. John trained as a musician, but has been a front end web developer since the end of his degree, working on a variety of different web design projects, in addition to design for print.

Outside of his web design work, John is still a musician, and he also is involved in his local church.

James Henderson

A flare for the extravagant, an eye for the eye-catching, and a great sense of humour. Who wouldn't want James guiding their social media. After starting out at university, and developing with every job he has had, James has developed presences on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more, and he can't wait for the next big challenge.

Outside of his work with HBD, James is a keen cyclist, and plays badminton.